In this course you'll learn the top three strategies used to be a successful trader. By the end of this course you should be proficient in how to trade and be profitable.
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What you are going to learn in this training?

Do you often struggle with finding trade ideas? Have you learned several strategies but not really mastered any? Do you face difficulties in being consistent with trading? You are definitely not alone facing these issues. After attending this course you will:
  • V-Trader 3.0 Auto Trading Tool Training
  • 3 Months Access to All Live Trading Sessions
  • Predicting the Market Through Market Structure
  • Basics to Synthetic Indices and How to Trade V75 (Volatility 75)
  • Learn the Triple Fire Strategy 
  • 3 Months Access to the V-Trade Signals Group
  • 3 Months Access to All Live Trading Sessions
  • Access to the Recording of the Training for 3 Months

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Dates & Times

May 28 & May 29, 2022
12:00pm to 5:00pm ET


Live Via Zoom


Max Gore
Co-Founder, Valuta
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