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Guru AI Robotic Trading Tool

The Guru AI Robotic Trading Tool is our Artificial Intuitive Trading Bot.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What pairs does the Valuta Bot Trade?

Technically, our bot can trade anything! That said, we specifically focus on one pair in Forex and that's EURUSD. The reason behind this is because we've developed an AI Robotic tool that reads the market conditions, news events, candle stick patterns and highs and lows of the previous week to ensure that we can maximize earnings on this entire bot.

Can I view the Previous Winnings & Losses of the Valuta bot?

100% Transparency is Key! We've setup a site similar to MyFXBook which allows you to see the bot in real time. This is an account that we setup in June of 2020 with $1000. You'll be able to see the gains and losses day to day and while we'd like to acknowledge that past profits do not guarantee future results we're proud of what our trading bot has done so far. 

You can view those results Here!

Who has access to my funds while the bot is trading?

Simple, You Do! We have you setup an account with a trading broker and then we have you attach your account to the trading bot. Only you have access to withdrawal any funds from your account at anytime. The only thing out bot has access to do is execute trades.